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We offer design services for the construction and planning phases of your project. We will meet with your architect and builder to create functional and smart floor plans, beautiful kitchen and bathroom layouts and designs, and provide the design and planning for any special features the client may want.  We will provide, review, and revise drawings for furniture layouts, floor plans, reflected ceiling and lighting plans, custom cabinetry, millwork, built in designs, as well as tile and stone layouts, and any other miscellaneous construction details.


We specialize in providing a full range of interior design services.  Projects range from extensive entire home renovations to room redecorating.  We can play a very integral part in the beginning architectural and construction phases, through furniture and finish selection, to final installation and staging.  We pride ourselves on making client’s wants and needs a priority in the process.  Our key to successful design is the ability to take a client’s personal taste and lifestyle, and pull it all together in a well executed, detailed, and personalized result.


We can provide event staging services for special events and occasions.  Our clients are often so impressed with the attention to detail we put into our installations and reveals, that they often call us back to stage their homes for special events.  Clients regularly request refreshes of their seasonal homes, staging for parties, special occasions, and holidays.  We will do table settings, flowers, accessorizing, and any staging necessary to make your home feel as special as the first time it was revealed to you, or to stage it to set the mood for a special event.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree

The first step in any design project is the initial meeting and agreement on the scope of the project.  We will build a profile of our clients based on their current living situations and what they would like to achieve in their new ones.  The client’s needs and goals are discussed as well as proposed timelines, budgets, and processes.

Depending upon the scope and nature of the project, initial plans and concepts will be generated.  Essential construction plans, design details, and layouts are proposed, revised, and agreed upon.  The designer works very closely with the architect, builder, and subcontractors to generate the fundamental constructed elements and details.  The needs of the client are very carefully considered in this phase to ensure optimal use of the space.

During this very creative step in the process, emphasis is put on the visual elements.  Color, texture, shape, and feel are all considered during the shopping and selecting phase.  Through shopping trips, magazine and internet photo browsing, as well as site visit and trade show visits, the designer is able to obtain a very good sense of the type of elements that appeal to the client.  This allows the designer to direct the shopping and selecting to cater to the tastes of the client.  Throughout this stage, stories are created for each room and area of the project, pulling materials and pieces together to create cohesive and well planned spaces.  Every detail is considered; the color, finish, texture, shape, and feel of every element must speak to one another before being selected.

The final stage of the process is the installation phase.  This is where the magic happens.  The designer plays an extremely important role, and uses his creative license in this stage to pull all elements of the project together.  This stage is where everything comes to life in the space, and where the designer places, stages, accessorizes, and puts finishing touches and details into the project to make it something truly unique, customized, and an emotional experience the client will be sure to remember.